Totoro and Mei

Price: $120.00

 Size Large All-in-2 A very detailed scene featuring Totoro, Mei and cute shaggy susuwatari

Spyro - Town Square

Price: $95.00

 Size Large All-in-2 Spyro and Sparx on a scene minky split, finished with swarovski crystals

How to cook a goat

Price: $110.00

 Size Large All-in-2 Troll sitting among the rocks and river grasses under a textured minky bridge

When Mummy lays me down to sleep

Price: $80.00

 Size Large All-in-2 When Mummy lays me down to sleep, If I could count, I'd count sheep

Jungle cuties

Price: $85.00

 Size Large All-in-2 Jungle cuties appliqued on a split of kelly green and sky blue minky

Alice in Wonderland

Price: $95.00

 Size Large All-in-2 Full scene Wonderland on Huckleberry and Evergreen minky

Zuckerman's Farm

Price: $105.00

 Size Large All-in-2 Wilbur and Fern barn scene on Avlyn chocolate, taupe and Venus Rising minky

There's no place like home

Price: $80.00

 Size Large All-in-2 There's no place like home ruffles

Kitty by night - for Karen Inall ONLY

Price: $90.00

 Size Large All-in-2 Splice of huckleberry and citron gelato minky with cheeky kitty applique and ruffles

Kitty by day

Price: $95.00

 Size Large All-in-2 pastel rainbow minky splice with swarovski crystals and ruffles

Fe Fi Fo Mum Rainbow starter set

Price: $70.00

 Fe Fi Fo Mum Rainbow starter set topped with hand dyed bamboo velour

One day at the beach

Price: $80.00

 Size Large All-in-2 Beached whale scene on a split of Divine Aura, light turquoise and sunshine minky

Vintage roses

Price: $70.00

 Size Large All-in-2 Vintage roses and lace ruffles

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